BPS Strategic Elements


The BPS shall be employed in and throughout Botswana to protect life and property, prevent and detect crime, repress internal disturbances, maintain security and public tranquillity, apprehend offenders, bring offenders to justice, duly enforce all written laws with which it is directly charged and generally maintain the peace (Botswana Police Act, Cap 21:01, section 6).

Our Vision:

To be a law enforcement agency of repute

Aspiration to provide a dignified service worthy of honour, a service that value relations with members of the community and treats customers with due respect

Our Mission:

To provide a professional policing service in partnership with the community

A service characterised by a high level of skill, competence, speed and attention to any emerging policing challenges, and that recognizes community participation for better prevention and detection of crime.

Our Core Values

  • Botho:
    A service characterized by humility, dignity, courtesy and respect for customers, regardless of their status in life.
  • Excellence
    An acceptable level of accuracy on all services provided to customers.
  • Integrity
    Displaying ethical behavior that recognizes the need for confidentiality, respect for human rights and good practice
  • Team work
    A service characterized by consultation, collective responsibility and support for each other.

Opprotunities at BPS

For Emergency Call


Special Support Group    

Special Support Group (SSG) is a para-military Branch of the Botswana Police Service (BPS). It was formed in 1978 when the Police Mobile Unit (PMU) that existed then was disbanded to form the nuclear of the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) in 1977. SSG was born with a total strength of thirty-four (34) officers of different ranks. In 1990 it was transformed into companies, platoons and sections for easy command and control. It provides operational support to Divisions, Districts and Stations by;

  • Mobile and foot patrols
  • Escort/shipment of revenue and minerals
  • Escort of hardened criminals from State Prison to places of trial
  • VIP Protection
  • Border Patrols
  • Crime surveillance
  • Provision of security at political meetings, sports activities and demonstrations


It also compliments with the following specialized services

  • Public order operations
  • Tracking operations
  • Narcotic searches
  • Peace Keeping Missions
  • Disposal of explosives like bombs
  • Rescue operations
  • Scuba divers


The Commander Special Support Group
P O Box 40116
Fax: 3903305



Switchboard = 3957272
Commander(w) = 3912081
Deputy Commander(w) = 3914390
Director of Music (w) = 3903334